Striking Off

Striking off a company from the Companies Register maintained by ACRA is one of the ways which a business can cease operations in Singapore.


The entire process of striking off a company can often be complex and lengthy, taking up to six months. Moreover, there are numerous legal and statutory regulations to meet. It is advisable to seek the assistance of a professional service that can assess your company’s current financial situation, recommend the best course of action and ensure nothing is overlooked during the process of closing down.


Accede is able to assist you in striking off your company should you decide to terminate your business. Working closely with ACRA and other government bodies on your behalf, we will identify your compliance commitments and ensure any outstanding tax matters are settled. Our highly-experienced team will also assist you with the application for striking off of your company and help you with the tax clearance with the IRAS.


If you are planning to strike off your company, let Accede put your final affairs in order and ensure that all criteria have been met to achieve a smooth exit.

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